Munich Monday Demo for the Dublin System, against Asylum Bigotry

The favoured mayor of 10% of Dresden’s citizens is among our speakers.
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After weeks of psy-op by media and social democrats, Mommy Merkel stepped out to present a Germany that welcomes refugees from the world’s failed states with open arms. For this purpose she wrecked the European rules and pushed to install a mechanism that leads to the destruction of Europe’s peoples.


Leading intellectuals are mostly baffled by the upcoming scenario of dissolution of Europe in a wave of intercontinental proletarian mass migration. Germany’s influential philosopher Peter Sloterdijk finds pointed words, borrowed from Macchiavelli, speaking of a necessity for “well-temperated cruelty”, i.e. willingness to give priority to orderliness and public interest over the caritative urges that a televized picture of a sweet child might provoke. Italy’s Umberto Eco takes a fatalistic view. He believes that Europe is destined to drown in proletarian mass migration and can only try its best to manage the process as humanely as possible. This fatalism is becoming mainstream as delusions about the usefulness of the migration wave for the European economy are loosing ground. Many commentators now simply embrace the fate of Europe as unavoidable because founded in higher laws of ethics such as “human rights” or “European values”. Merkel and Juncker seem to be swimming on this wave. In the current German media-driven “hippie politics”, as the British politologist Anthony Glees characterizes it, it is difficult to imagine that any politcian could be willing to exercise any “well-tempered cruelty” toward what comes over the television screen. We seem bound to lose our own country in the same way as the USA lost Vietnam. While German mainstream media have been celebrating an “revolt of the decent” (Aufstand der Anständigen) against phantomatic xenophobia, we are facing the daunting task of organizing a “revolt of the reasonable” against a vicious mainstream that will do whatever it can to present us as “indecent” and “intolerant”. Which is a codeword for “not deserving of normal civil rights”.

Past and upcoming mondays

Last Monday according to foreign media reports (RuptlyTV) 300 people attended our demo. In view of the political crisis this is not much, but it is more than before the summer pause. A “broad coalition” of government, industry, trade unions, churches, associations and embedded media has been waging a defamation campagin against our movement which included making up news about an inexisting demo call to which nobody came, suggesting that we are already dead, and then ceasing to report. But some foreign media were not embedded in the campaign and are therefore still interested in reporting. Lasts Monday representatives of agencies from Canada, Ireland, Great Britain and Japan came, and the interest seems to be increasing.

Our guest speaker Tatjana Festerling was a candidate for Pegida at the Dresden mayor election. The embedded media of the “Broad Coalition” have been defaming her and falsely claiming that only 1-2% of Dresden citizens would vote for her, when the real number was 10%. Tatjana is politically vocal and has the courage to tackle difficult questions in clear language. Recently she published 10 demands for fundamental reform of the German and European asylum systems.

The way out of the asylum crisis will also be the subject of Hartmut Pilch’s final speech. Regarding “well-tempered cruelty” Hartmut Pilch remarks:

Even European minds are normally very well capable of exercising what Sloterdijk dramatizingly calls “well-tempered cruelty” in allusion to Macchiavelli. In reality this is not about being cruel but about taking the hard decisions that are necessarily connected to the role of a politician while avoiding all unnecessary hardship. It is a matter of responsibility and proportionality. When dealing with their own private interests, people are usually quite willing to disregard hardship that are not in the sphere of their responsibility. But when public interest is at stake, people prefer to indulge in self-inflicted immaturity. Juncker’s and Merkel’s human rights dogmatism are of this type. In the end this kind of attitude produces the true cruelties. Strasburg’s human rights judges have been piling up corpses in the Mediterranean. It’s just that real causal relations do not appear on the photos of “Aylan” or whatever the sensationalist media use to impose the pseudo-humanitarian ideology that results from their mode of operation.

We will make our messages heard with new slogans. Many citizens will play a part in the process. Recently the most popular slogan was “Victor Orban for President, Merkel go to Hell”. We are always closely followed by aggressive counter-demonstrators acting in the name of the Broad Coalition who tend to resort various kinds of legal and illegal violence and obscenity. This time they announced that they would make our speeches inaudibe by means of powerful speakers. Unlike in other German states (Länder), the Bavarian police is mostly effective in protecting us from the worst violence, but they tend to allow sources of loud noise as well as intrusive closeup photographers who work as “antifascists” on Munich municipality’s payroll to come very close to us. The Broad Coalition usually tries to provoke individual demonstrators into incontinent reactions, on which it then feeds. Our basic rule is not to feed the trolls. We ask our demonstrators to promise to ignore the hippy state’s “Broad Coalition”. Also we do not give any oral interviews to media, unless for a “defamation fee”, which is rather high in the case of broad coalition media. Our general rule is to receive questions and give written replies. Currently we are still litigating about the demonstration route, but we are confident that we will prevail. The municipal government is part of the Broad Coalition and regularly exercises its power in obstructive ways. Fortunately the judicial system still seems to be independent, even though not particularly sympathetic to us.

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