Han Characters and Chinese Language

General Knowledge and Analysis of Chinese and its Variants

The straightjacket of Han Characters has turned Chinese into an idiom that embodies some ideals of Logical Language and surpasses Esperanto in some of its ideals.

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Many of the linguistic treatises of the 20th century have been too methodological rigor deriving from anti-traditionalist (anti-latin, anti-classical, pro-vernacular, Saussurean etc) impulses which have had their merit but also have led to widespread blindness about the autonomy of the written language. The experience with constructed languages like Esperanto and Lojban shows some of the fascinating achievements of this written language.

We’ve been talking a lot about this but these thoughts are still waiting to be exposed in a systematic manner.

Apart from this we hope to provide useful introductions and references to the basic tools of Chinese for interested people at all levels of skill.

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