Non-refoulement is a crime against Humanity

Sovereign Peoples have Inalienable Rights
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Accepance of refugees can only be a voluntary act of generosity. Sovereign nations enjoy the inalienable right to decide the terms and conditions for each influx specifically. The non-refoulement principle of 1967 and court decisions like Hirsi & Jamaa v. Italy of 2012 are outrageous violations of natural law and crimes against humanity. Italy and other states must first abrogate the principle of Non-Refoulement and opt out of European jurisdiction over these matters.


Stop Human Rights Nonsense

The most heinous crimes tend to be committed in the name of humanitarian ideals. “Human Rights have become a byword for foolish decisions by courts and administrators”, as Lord Hoffmann, the British law lord, supreme judge and former human rights activist, remarked a few years ago. Expanding individual rights at the expense of public interest has resulted in a liberticidal and genocidal agenda. Europe’s peoples are deeply trapped in this agenda and will lose everything that has ever been dear to them if they don’t find a way out very soon.

In 1967 the Principle of Non-Refoulement became a general principle of international law in the Geneva Convention on the Status of Refugees. Before that, in 1951, it had been an agreement among European nations for dealing with the post war situation. In the cold war situation, western countries used “human rights” to curb the tyrannical power of the Soviet Union and its satellites by limiting sovereignty, including the authority of states over their populations. They used “non-refoulement” in order to destabilize eastern countries without having to take responsibility for any specific hostile act. They expanded this “principle” of undermined sovereignty in order to appear anti-racist, as was demanded by the post-colonial wave of the time.

In the same fatal year 1967 the UN moreover invented a human right to unfettered reproduction. Thereby any person has the right to have as many children he likes at whatever time he likes. According to this human right, China is a bad wrongdoer, whereas Nigeria, which according to UN estimates will have nearly as many inhabitants as China at the end of this century, is just perfect. Since Nigeria will by no means be able to deliver any human rights to such a population, they, together with 5 more billions, will be entitled to refugee protection and social aid in Europe. According to the latest UN-CERD caselaw, any discourse that could blame such immigrants for their poor social and economic performance or otherwise make them feel unwelcome in Europe must be criminally prosecuted. The blame for the programmed failure is already firmly placed on our racist children and grandchildren. This UN caselaw was the fruit of lobbying by European state-funded human rights organizations which are now lobbying to have the UN caselaw transposed into national law.

End Judicial Tyranny

On many matters of vital importance to European people, their democratically elected legislators no longer have much of a say. Rather, the power is in the hands of judicial institutions. Moreover tax-funded so-called human rights lobby organisations keep pushing these judicial institutions to impose more and more repressive, demophobic and genocidal rules. These include a never-ending stream of new laws that curb free speech or unappealable court rulings that invent new mimosa rights at the expense of collective interests.

The most irrepairably damaging and dangerous among the numerous bizarre extensions to human rights have occurred in the field of asylum law. The European Court for Human Rights in Strasbourg directly created the human trafficking market by forbidding the Italian Coastal Guard from escorting the boats with irregular immigrants back to their point of departure. This has prompted a spiral of escalation that led to the drowning of thousands of boat people in the sea, which in turn prompted European authorities to respond with plans for a combination of illegal mass immigration and illegal warfare. Bad regulation typically produces the need for more bad regulation. The principle of non-refoulement invented by the Strasbourg Court and the Council of Europe is an example of particularly bad regulation.

20 years of European Human Rights regime have inflicted more lasting damage on Greece than 400 years of Turkish rule. 3 millions of proletarians from tribalistic and islamic societies came to a country of 11 million inhabitants during these years, and that was just the beginning. These new inhabitants have no realistic prospect of being integrated into a Greek economy or society. Their offspring is likely to be numerous and to a large extent even less integratable than the current generation. They will be segregating themselves and requesting their share of the Greek people’s scarce resources in increasingly unpeaceful ways, and the Greek people will be held guilty of racial discrimination. The same is happening in Sicily but also in London-Tottenham, Stockholm-Husby, Malmö-Rosengarden, Paris-Clichy-Sous-Bois, Berlin-Neukölln and many other areas in Europe. If the current course continues, the genome, culture and prosperity of the European peoples will nearly disappear during this century. The European Commission and leading politicians in Brussels are aiming for “controlled immigration” of a stream of 50-80 million Africans by 2050.

All these developments were imposed on Europe’s people by means of unappealable judicial decisions. By extending legal principles, judges have been extending their own power far beyond all bounds of democratic control. They have been engaging in assassination of the sovereign.

End Cultural Revolution, Spread Political Literacy

We must take back their legislative powers from the European judiciary. We must stop the Human Rights Nonsense and rethink human rights from the basis of their purpose as explained e.g. in Rousseau’s theory of social contract. We must give up goodthink in favour of clearthink. We must stop putting the blame for everything on a few rich and powerful scapegoats who usually sit in New York and are, according to political taste, either class enemies or “zionists”. Instead we must recognize that the problems are too large for any small circles to control, and that people are, by and large, getting the governments which they deserve. We must recognize that stability comes only from self-sustaining autonomous individuals who form self-sustaining sovereign nations that control their territory and politics. Rather than just ecological sustainability we must put social sustainability, i.e. the capability of a functioning polity to reproduce itself, at the center of our concern. We must precognize that giving birth to more children than you can provide a worthy future to is the original sin and mother of all major social and ecological evils and must be treated accordingly, using whatever incentives and sanctions it takes in the given context, regardless of any human rights rules except the most abstract ones such as proportionality.

This cultural reorientation can be done only by the people. The political and mediatic elites are too deeply entrenched in destructive cultural and legal patterns. They will only change when the climate below forces or at least allows them to change. We must change the culture from below before things can change at the top.

Within ten years we must achieve a change of culture of the same profoundness as the cultural revolutionaries of 1968 achieved in 4 decades with their program of “deconstruction, derision, destruction” (Éric Zemmour). In 10 years the Great Proletarian Migration will already have done profound damage to Europe, but it is never too late for correction of an injust world order. This task seems daunting, but crisis always means opportunity. The graver the crisis the greater the opportunity. There are signs on the horizon that give us some hope. These include moves of the British government to leave the European Human Rights Convention and harsh criticism of “crazy” EU asylum policies by Hungary’s president, who is moreoever engaging his people in a thourough consultation on migration issues which have been under taboo everywhere else so far.

At the moment the cultural revolutionaries are firmly in charge and even continuing to reinforce their grip, but the development may be approaching a turning point. The rule of the cultural revolutionaries has been going down the road of Jacobinian “New Terror of Virtue”, as one recent book calls it. As the interests become increasingly irreconcilable, the old cultural revolutionaries are evolving to become the New Gang of Four.

To grasp the opportunities, we need to do a lot of work. We are absent from the mainstream largely due to our own incompetence. Apart from UK-based Migration Watch there hardly seems to be an NGO or think tank to whom journalists could talk, and at least some of them would sometimes be quite willing to sollicit a dissenting view rather than just that of the usual suspects like Amnesty International or Pro Asyl.

What You can Do

There is a german petition for leaving the Genocidal Refugee Convention and the European Convention on Human Rights. It has gone well beyond a quarter million signauture but is is only directed to the German parliament. It is not receiving much attention, because everybody dislikes the subject for one reason or other. Our peoples like our politicians consist of virtue signallers and grandstanders who tend to move from one social pathology right to the next one. It does not want to leave the safe space of apolitical, imbecile “values”.

To get started, we need to start writing well-informed letters to interested parties. We need to share and peer-review our letters and to prepare documents that can empower more people to write such letters. We need to engage like-minded people in directing calls to action to those groups than can help us change the situation. We begin with our personal call to action to co-citizens.

Since we mainstream media and institutions are still in the hands of the cultural revolutionaries, one way to go is to show presence on the streets. Monday demonstrations brought tens of thousands to the street in Dresden and some other German cities recently, and Italian “Stop Invasione” demos were even bigger. I do not mention the names of the organizers, because it is better to call on our fellow citizens in our own name than to use labels which are only bait for smear campaigns from mainstream politicians and media.

As the Technical University of Dresden found out, the monday demonstrators are on average economically successful and well-informed citizens, male and 48 years old. These citizens feel that politicians and media tend to be unresponsive or hostile to their concerns. Thus taking to the streets appears to be the only way to voice these concerns. However silent walking, applauding to orators or shouting slogans can only satisfy the most basic psychological needs. The next step is to become effective political communicators ourselves.

To aid this process, we create mailing lists and collaborative information repositories. A german-language mailing list has been created. The repository of this website can be accessed and edited via Subversion. There is a more visible german blog website that regularly treats the subject. A Subversion client needs to be installed on you computer, on MS Windows TortoiseSVN may be easiest for beginners. Use it to checking out the repository for reading and update later. Discussions in English and other languages can be conducted on VK.

More details will be announced here. Meanwhile contact phm at a2e de or Hartmut Pilch on Facebook if needed. But don’t wait for me. Create your own systematic presentation website and publish your own letters and analyses. Feel free to use any texts from the repository without giving credit to the source. Start with a letter to your fellow citizens explaining to them why and how they should get active. Start distributing that letter on paper to your friends as a kind of namecard.

We will be watching and collecting some events and preparing letters, calls to action and events of our own.

We will be collecting information and working on a few dossiers that can help in educating ourselves and others.

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