mktdir, mvtdir, rmtdir & co

Tools for a Hypertext File System

With these commandline tools we create, copy, move and delete multilingual multiformat source documents from which monolingual monoformat target documents are created.

Table of Contents

1 Chronology

  • 2008-12-28 version 0.1.7 with lots of improvements but still containing some site-specific stuff that ought to be forked out into a private package
  • 2008-05-08 packaged this directory’s software as compressed tar, source rpm and object rpm package, named a2e-mktdir, for the repository, version 0.1.2
  • 2008-04-02 create version 0.0.1 of package a2e-mktdir, containing includable makefile pieces and templates used for meta-programming at a2e. The actual programs and libraries etc have moved.
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