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Periodic Reflexions and Sorted Experiences
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As a scholar and practitioner of Chinese, Japanese and some other languages I have earned qualifications and income, and I have some semi-professional experiences in programming, politics and music. I need a web platform just to keep abreast of the info glut but also to express some thoughts that I feel could benefit from public discussion.



I try to maintain a public diary and in addition to summarize on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. One could call it a blog, but I don’t play by the rules of a blog and my main purpose is to stay abreast of the info glut. That’s why I also insist on programming my own content management system.


I have developed some well-recognized proficiency as a language service provider. I also work on various construction sites in programming and politics. In the debate about European software patents I temporarily gained some influence on the legislative process.

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