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African proletariat squeezing its way into a decadent Europe. Lega Nord pointing its guns to European partners. EU planning Eurabia. Japan discovering its social capital in view of a crisis. German politicians surrendering to a wave of antinuclear FUD.

text Onorevole Stella legga questo libro: Lettera al Corriere: Gian Antonio Stella consiglia chè l’“Onorevole Speroni legga questi libri”, ciò è libri sui poveri emigranti dell’Italia d’un secolo fa, perchè “eviterà così di ripetere le cose indecenti che dice sugli emigranti”. Io ritengo chè invece c’è un libro molto più rilevante al dibattito che l’onorevole Stella dovrebbe leggere.
text EU now officially planning to become Eurabia: Commissioner invites North Africa to join Single Market and EU: To support democratisation of the Arab Mediterranean countries and to absorb their youth bulge, the EU will open its frontiers and its internal market and even offer EU membership to those countries that will have completed democratic reforms. A BORG-style pattern of diplomacy seems to be emerging in the Post-Lisbon EU.
text Enhanced Patent Cooperation: Latest Plans of the Commission: One month after the European Court of Justice found the European Commission’s plans for a unitary patent litigation system to be in contradiction with EU law, the European Commission is proposing a slightly less ambiguous approach for the time being.
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