Argumentation and Education on Humanitarian Judicialism and Popular Sovereignty

How Genocidal Human Rights gained ground in Europe
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A polity is a territory governed by a generation-transcending sovereign by means of legislation. The sovereign is the subject whose interest is pursued. Based on systematic collection of facts and explanations of concepts, we will be explaining how European peoples lost sovereignty and how they might regain it.


Systematic Presentation

Collections of frequent questions and arguments with counter-arguments for use in debates.

We need to generate pamphlets for current target audiences

For people with a more profound interest we need to summarize our understanding in longer dossiers.

abstract notions, concepts, terminology

The abstract entities that we use in our systematic acccounts need to be collected into a kind of dictionary.

Laws and Rules

A state is composed of a sovereign that governs a territory in its long-term interest by means of rules.

In a functioning democracy, the people, including ancerstors and posteriors, govern themselves in their generation-transceding long-term interest by means of legislation, and their poltical debate is focussed on developping and changing existing laws so as to serve this interest.


The governed territory contains many concrete elements that must be reckoned with but are not part of the sovereign.


Political decisions are influenced by various natural and legal persons as well as other movers, be they individuals or collectives, natural or virtual.

Natural persons

Tribes, nations, genealogical groups

Associations, corporations, contractual groups


Associations of States


The work of some authors acquires a life of its own. We refer to such texts and will sometimes what to present them here.

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