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and, most importantly, how to sue the operators of a2e.de and have obnoxious pages taken down.

  • Hartmut Pilch
  • mail to phm at a2e de
  • please send business-related mail to oas at a2e de instead
  • pgp key for verifiable/confidential communication


  • DE 80636 München / Blutenburgstr 17
  • Google map
  • Coming by subway: take U1 to station Maillingerstraße, then walk southward 100 m along Maillingerstraße ca 100 to the crossing of Maillingerstraße with Blutenburgstraße, from there walk along the southern side of Blutenburgstraße 30 m to the west. At no 17 on the doorbell sign of 1st floor you find written “a2e Pilch Wang”.


  • 0049-89-12789608
  • reachable during the core office hours 09-17 CET (08-16 UCT, 16-23 Beijing time, 17-24 Tokyo time)
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