Overload Functions

Second Level Functions

Function read_cache

Return all sources that a Makefile needs to compile a text chunk index. This list is slightly different from the argument list of lng_faylz that is fed to the txt2dbm utility for creating the index. The lng_faylz argument list is given as argument list. These arguments contain non-filename given as optional suffixes ?+ ?- ?= after each filename. Throw out the suffixes and any non-existing files, recursively find and add any files that are sub-invoked by include or include_re statements. The txt2dbm utility does not need the sub-included files, but Make does need to treat them as sources (so as to check whether they were updated and if so recompile the target text chunk index.

Function set_lang_vars

Set variables for use in language-dependent Makefile part such as

Given Arguments:

    $ll : 'de' : language for which to set variables

Returned Arguments:

    $ok : 1 : success

Function main8pre_targets

Function set_main_vars

Function make_defs

Top level functions

Function make_makefile_cache_lang_sub

Function make_makefile_cache_lang

Function make_makefile_cache


Create a version that does not need the database, so that make_site_makefile_cache can be invoked from an RPM script!
Have lng_faylz_src check all files for include statements so that the --lng_faylz_src_extra option will rarely or never be needed.


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