Conkeror for Opensuse

RPM package for Mouseless Browsing

Installing Conkeror has become trivial since opensuse 11.0, now that xulrunner 1.9x is already available in the standard distribution.

1 Situation

  • is working fine
  • post install/uninstall scripts unreliable?
  • upgrading the previous a2e_conkeror package which had to be more complex as long as opensuse didn’t contain mozilla-xulrunner
  • based on version obtained from the git repository on 2008-10-26
  • we are requiring mozilla-xulrunner190-devel without proven necessity

2 Tasks

  • check post install/uninstall scripts
  • try whether it works without mozilla-xulrunner190-devel

3 Timeline

4 Resources

5 Chronology

  • dat: 2008-10-26; prs: phm: apache created this directory
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