Antiword RPM for Opensuse

Render MSWord documents as text for editing

This classical MSWord format reader still does some things better than newer alternatives.

1 Situation

  • Antiword does a good job at producing multibyte utf-8 text that is suitable as a source if you want to work in text-based formats like wiki languages or LaTeX
  • For some other purposes, such as reproducing the page layout in plain text, the wv toolkit may produce better results
    • wvHtml sometimes breakes multibye characters, e.g. the second character in “増加”
  • Judging from the antiword home page, development seems to have stalled at version 0.37

2 Tasks

3 Timeline

4 Resources

5 Chronology

  • dat: 2008-11-20; prs: phm: apache created this directory
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