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We package the systems that we use in such a way that they can be installed with one command. We build on openSUSE 10.3, but see to it that repackaging for other systems is made as easy as possible.

1 Situation

We build packages for fast reproduction of the system with which are working at A2E.

1.1 neues bei suse_version 110


  • Das Skript soll uns helfen, unsere Meta-Distribution künftig unter einer neuen Version schnell neu aufzubauen

1.2 Repozitejoi

Einige weitere Pakete können hier nicht veröffentlicht werden, da sie Daten privater Natur enthalten. Sie müssen für jedes System individuell gebaut werden. Wir haben im Moment nur eine private Variante davon, die nur Berechtigten zugänglich ist.

Einige generelle Information zu unserer Methodik ist auch im Moment nur privat zugänglich, wenngleich der Bausatz Teil unserer Distribution ist und auch entsprechend dokumentiert werden sollte.

1.3 Ekzistantai Paketoi

a2e-bin 0.1.11-1 noarch
a2e-deplate 0.0.5-1 noarch
a2e-hanzi 0.0.1-1 i586
a2e-mktdir 0.2.5-1 noarch
a2e-mlht-tmpl 0.0.6-2 noarch
a2e-php-users 0.2.3-2 noarch
a2e-php-users-sites 0.2.3-1 noarch
antiword 0.37-2 i586
apache2-mod_perl-devel i586
baekmuk-ttf 2.1-595.1 noarch
comgt 0.32-89.1 i586
conkeror 0.9-3 i586
dtaus 0.7-1 i586
e3 2.6.3-114.1 i586
edict-emacs 0.9.8-906.1 noarch
emacs-auctex 11.85-36.1 noarch
freetype-tools 1.3.1-1347.1 i586
fribidi-devel 0.10.9-30.1 i586
gnu-unifont 20080123-36.1 noarch
howto 2007.1.1-78.1 noarch
htdig-devel 3.2.0b6-134.1 i586
htdig-doc 3.2.0b6-134.1 i586
hypermail i586
ktoblzcheck-devel 1.17-13.1 i586
ktoblzcheck-tools 1.17-13.1 i586
libaudio2 i586
libmpg123-0 i586
libotf-devel 0.9.6-67.1 i586
lilypond 2.10.33-73.1 i586
lilypond-documentation 2.10.33-73.1 i586
m17n-lib-devel 1.5.1-39.1 i586
mailcrypt 3.5.8-2 noarch
mgp 1.13a-35.1 i586
mpg123 i586
omega-t 1.8.1-2 i586
p7zip 4.57-17.1 i586
pari 2.3.4-2 i586
perl-A2E 0.3.2-1 i586
perl-Apache-Filter 1.024-212.1 i586
perl-Apache2-AuthCookieDBI 2.03-86.1 i586
perl-AppConfig 1.66-57 i586
perl-BSD-Resource 1.2901-1 i586
perl-Cache-Cache 1.05-1 i586
perl-Class-Container 0.12-1 i586
perl-Class-Data-Inheritable 0.08-1 i586
perl-Class-ErrorHandler 0.01-1 i586
perl-Class-Inner 0.1-1 i586
perl-Class-Loader 2.03-1 i586
perl-Convert-ASCII-Armour 1.4-1 i586
perl-Convert-ASN1 0.21-1 i586
perl-Convert-PEM 0.07-1 i586
perl-Crypt-Blowfish 2.10-1 i586
perl-Crypt-CAST5 0.05-1 i586
perl-Crypt-CAST5_PP 1.04-1 i586
perl-Crypt-CBC 2.29-1 i586
perl-Crypt-DES 2.05-1 i586
perl-Crypt-DES_EDE3 0.01-1 i586
perl-Crypt-DSA 0.14-1 i586
perl-Crypt-IDEA 1.08-1 i586
perl-Crypt-OpenPGP 1.03-1 i586
perl-Crypt-Primes 0.50-1 i586
perl-Crypt-RIPEMD160 0.04-1 i586
perl-Crypt-RSA 1.58-1 i586
perl-Crypt-Random 1.25-1 i586
perl-Crypt-Rijndael 1.06-2 i586
perl-Crypt-Twofish 2.12-1 i586
perl-Data-Buffer 0.04-1 i586
perl-Data-Dumper 2.121-2 i586
perl-Data-Hierarchy 0.34-78.1 i586
perl-DateTime 0.4302-1 i586
perl-DateTime-Format-Mail 0.3001-1 i586
perl-DateTime-Format-W3CDTF 0.04-1 i586
perl-DateTime-Locale 0.4001-1 i586
perl-DateTime-TimeZone 0.7701-1 i586
perl-Devel-StackTrace 1.18-1 i586
perl-Devel-Symdump 2.08-1 i586
perl-Email-Abstract 2.134-1 i586
perl-Email-Filter 1.031-1 i586
perl-Email-Send 2.192-3 i586
perl-Email-Simple 2.003-1 i586
perl-Error 0.17012-1 i586
perl-Exception-Class 1.24-1 i586
perl-Expect 1.21-2 i586
perl-ExtUtils-AutoInstall 0.63-1 i586
perl-HTML-Mason 1.39-1 i586
perl-HTML-Parser 3.56-1 i586
perl-HTML-Summary 0.017-1 i586
perl-IO 1.2301-2 i586
perl-IO-Tty 1.07-2 i586
perl-List-MoreUtils 0.22-1 i586
perl-MIME-Types 1.23-1 i586
perl-Mail-Box 2.082-1 i586
perl-Mail-Sendmail 0.79-1 i586
perl-Math-Pari 2.010800-3 i586
perl-Module-Install 0.73-1 i586
perl-Net-Ping 2.35-2 i586
perl-OLE-Storage 0.386-1 i586
perl-OLE-Storage_Lite 0.17-1 i586
perl-Params-Validate 0.91-1 i586
perl-Psh 1.8.1-1 i586
perl-Return-Value 1.302-1 i586
perl-Scalar-Util 1.19-1 i586
perl-Search-Sitemap 2.07-1 i586
perl-Spreadsheet-ParseExcel 0.32-2 i586
perl-Template-DBI 2.64-2 i586
perl-Template-Multilingual 0.09-2 i586
perl-Term-ReadLine-Gnu 1.17-1 i586
perl-Test-Class 0.30-2 i586
perl-Test-Simple 0.80-1 i586
perl-Test-Unit 0.25-1 i586
perl-Tie-EncryptedHash 1.21-1 i586
perl-Unicode-EastAsianWidth 1.30-1 i586
perl-Unix-ConfigFile 0.06-1 i586
perl-WWW-Robot 0.025-1 i586
perl-WWW-Sitemap 1.019-1 i586
perl-XML-RSS 1.32-2 i586
php5-pear-db 1.7.13-3.4 noarch
portaudio20 i586
postgresql-docs 8.3.1-15.1 i586
qemacs 0.3.1-345.1 i586
ratpoison 1.4.3-2 i586
rdate 1.4-92.1 i586
rubygem-deplate 0.8.4-3 i586
saxon 6.5.5-37.1 noarch
saxon-aelfred 6.5.5-37.1 noarch
saxon-demo 6.5.5-37.1 noarch
saxon-fop 6.5.5-37.1 noarch
saxon-jdom 6.5.5-37.1 noarch
saxon-manual 6.5.5-37.1 noarch
saxon-scripts 6.5.5-37.1 noarch
scsh 0.6.7-1 i586
swish-e 2.4.5-2.1 i586
swish-e-perl-api 2.4.5-4.1 i586
tamago 4.0.6_20011017cvs-799.1 noarch
texlive-bin-cjk 2007-176.1 i586
texlive-cjk 2007-177.1 noarch
texlive-cjk-latex-extras 20070515-122.1 noarch
tnef i586
tuxtype 1.7.2-4.4 i586
wadokujt 20030810-216.1 noarch
wordnet 3.0-1 i586
wv-devel 1.2.2-75 i586
xjdic 2.4-211.1 i586
xjdic-data 2.4-211.1 i586
xjdic-indices 2.4-211.1 i586
xlhtml 0.5-219.1 i586
xlhtml-cole 0.5-219.1 i586

2 Tasks



3 Timeline

4 Resources

  • Linguasos – Linux OS for Translators – Why another OS or even another distribution? Just for OmegaT and friends?

5 Chronology

  • 2008-12-17 mktdir4 omegat a2e_omegat_pub en OmegaT “OmegaT for Opensuse” “Multi Platform Translation Memory & CAT System” “Save, reuse and share terminology of a translation project”
  • 2008-11-13 mktdir4 ratpoison a2e_ratpoison_pub en . “Ratpoison RPM for Opensuse” “Navigate X Windows without a mouse” “Smart lightweight alternative to KDE, Gnome et al”
  • 2008-11-20 mktdir4 antiword a2e_antiword_pub en . “Antiword RPM for Opensuse” “Render MSWord documents as text for editing” “This classical MSWord format reader still does some things better than newer alternatives.”
  • 2008-10-26 mktdir4 conkeror a2e_conkeror_pub en . “Conkeror for Opensuse” “RPM package for Mouseless Browsing” “Installing Conkeror has become trivial since opensuse 11.0, now that xulrunner 1.9x is already available in the standard distribution.”
  • 2008-06-19 mktdir4 rubygem-deplate a2e_rubygem_deplate_pub en . “rubygem-based deplate package” “installing Deplate in the A2E stack” “The combination of RPM with Rubygem is not an ideal solution. We should find a way of building and patching our Deplate package with the means of RPM only.”
  • 2008-06-05 mktdir4 gcom a2e_gcom_pub en . “gcom 0.3 for openuse” “Communication via UMTS port et al” “usable with wvdial for connecting to UMTS service of Vodafone”
  • 2008-06-01 mktdir4 hanzi a2e_hanzi_pub zh 漢字繁簡 ‘漢字繁簡轉換、詞匯轉換’ ‘為各種程序提供用於漢字轉換及詞匯轉換的基礎’ ‘匯集運用並擴充各方公用字詞對照表,亦不排除向日韓文之應用’
  • mktdir4 pari a2e_pari_pub en . “pari-2.3.3 for openuse” “Pari Mathematics required for Cryptography” “used by the perl-Math-Pari package”
  • mktdir4 dtaus a2e_dtaus_pub de . “dtaus für opensuse” “Erzeugung eines Formats für Banktransaktionen” “Programm von Martin Schulze als RPM für opensuse abgepackt”
  • mktdir4 perl a2e_perl_pak_pub en . “Perl RPM Packages” “Packaging Perl Modules for OpenSuse” “The A2E Software Stack makes extensive use of Perl modules, which must be available for the RPM packages that specify their use. We need a to transform a major part of the contents CPAN into TAR and RPM packages whose contents are installed by shallow copying operations. Here we collect our packages and packaging experiences.”
  • dat: 2008-04-02; prs: phm: apache created this directory
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